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From: Dave Holland (
Date: Mon Jun 28 1993 - 09:30:20 CDT

In article <>, I wrote:
>Is there a new version of cmdtool that handles filename completion
>in csh properly? I have a sparc2, SunOS 4.1.2, OW3.0. Please
>mail me -- I'll post a summary if anyone asks.

Here's a summary of replies and comments I received.

1) cmdtool is fixed in Solaris 2.2 / OW 3.2 -- I have not been able
   to verify this but if it is correct, this is the 'nicest' way
   around the problem.

2) filec works when cmdtool is running via a remote shell, ie:
   cmdtool -I "rsh mymachinename"
   This runs up another copy of csh, and incurs communication
   overhead, but it's not particularly noticeable.

3) Use xterm with the scrollbar enabled (-sb) and set the number of
   lines saved to something big (-sl abignumber). This is the 'fix'
   I'm currently using; it has the added side-effect that xterm
   provides a nicer vt100 than cmdtool. (Is cmdtool supposed to be
   a vt100? dunno.)

Hope this is useful to someone out there...


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