SUMMARY: Quotas and NIS (and Solaris)

From: mwp.michael (MWP.MICHAEL@MELPN1.CV.COM)
Date: Fri Jun 25 1993 - 03:30:24 CDT

I asked about quotas, querying why they did not seen to work correctly.
Seems they are not as robust as people would like, and if you are
using Solaris 2.1 there is a patch to apply (already!!). Presumably 2.2
will include the patch. (See Roberts response below for patch details)

NIS users are supported; I found the propogation of the NIS database was not
being done after /etc/passwd was edited.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a P.D. or Commercial alternative
where you need to limit user disk space. Also, we could still "crack" the
quota system even after I had it set up correctly (it even stopped you
removing files after it warned about quota violations...presumably the
'rm *' I tried was stopped from building the list of files somewhere??
To be honest I'm not sure exactly what was wrong with that one :)

Thank's to the following for their replies:
From: montjoy@thor.ece.uc.EDU (Robert Montjoy)


TO get quotas working under Solaris2.1 you need
to get the quota jumbo patch 100833-06.

You can get this patch from in

You may also want to install the kernel Jumbo patch(100884-09)

Note: Even after applying the above patch remote quota checking
      will not work if the server is a Solaris2.x machine.... It
      should work if the server is a 4.x.x machine..
From: (Andy Feldt)

   I have no problems with NIS users and quotas on SunOS 4.1.3.
Setup for a partition named /whatever:

touch /whatever/quotas
quotaon /whatever
edquota username

I had not tried quotas under Solaris 2.1 until your message. I *do* find
that it fails there (for my limited test). Don't forget to post a summary
of the results. I will be interested in the verdict for Solaris 2.x.
From: (Peter Young)

We use quotas with SunOS 4.1.2 and NIS no problems!

For Solaris 2.1 there is a patch which fixes many quota problems - 100833-06.

Good Luck
From: Frank Henderson <>
where is your quotas info maintained? We run quotas on our NFS/NIS server
and it seems to be OK. Not great, but ok.

There is a paragraph on page 124 of the System & Network administrators guide (4.1)
that mentions the problem of messages on remote file systems. Our users don't
automatically receive messages upon breaking their limit. They do receive a message
at login or can use quota -v anytime.

If you find anything better please let me know. Our system "works" but is NOT ideal.

If you have any specific questions I can help with feel free to contact me.
From: Casper Dik <>
No problem under 4.1.x with edquota. (Nis users do not require special
code, it's all in getpwXXX().)
You must create the quota file first (touch <fs>/quotas).
and run quotaon.
Quotas in 2.x don't work, there is a patch in the works.

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