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Date: Thu Jun 24 1993 - 12:59:25 CDT

Hello Sun managers,

--------> Original question was:
> Hello Sun managers,
> I am interested in the assembly of the Sparc. How can I obtain
> a manual or a book about Sparc architecture?

--------> Answer #1:

You're kidding, right? SPARC assembly really isn't fun.
Anyway, there is a SPARC Assembly reference manual in the solaris
doc kit.
If you have AnswerBook the "Sun4 Assembly Language Reference" is in
there. You can also get that from Sun separately.

>I think the Sparc Assembly reference manual is too small to start programming
>the Sparc.

--------> Answer #2:

I think one/two year/s ago, there was an issue about your question in
Someone wrote about how it could be made a Sparc clone, step by step.

>I will look up these issues of BYTE.

--------> Answer #3:

Get the following book:

The SPARC Architecture Manual, Version 8
SPARC International
Prentice Hall, 1991
ISBN 0-13-825001-4
Paperback, 316 pages

------> Related information: discussing the books about SPARC

The SPARC Architecture, Version 8, is now available in its
long-awaited *book* form, from Prentice Hall. See end of
mail for purchasing information.

This book should be useful to software and hardware engineers
dealing with SPARC, the Sun sales force (for SE's and customers),
Sun Catalyst vendors, other SPARC ISV's, etc.

Regarding the question: "if I already have a copy of a previous
SPARC specification, should I get the book?" -- here is how the
the book's contents compare with related documents:
        SPARC "V7":
                Very out of date; *no one* should be working from V7.
                Burn it and get the book!
        SPARC V8, 30 January 1991 (and editions dated earlier):
                Out of date; doesn't contain all the updates and
                corrections of the book. You should probably get
                the book and throw out the document.
        SPARC International's SPARC Architecture Manual, Version 8,
        part number SAV080SI9104 (does not say "Sun" on the doc't):
                Essentially identical with the PH book. Buy the
                book if you want a prettier cover and a more
                convenient size to work with.
        IEEE P1754:
                P1754 is a draft standard, not a final IEEE standard,
                and not yet widely available. Although closely
                related to SPARC V8, the two should not be confused.
                If you want a "SPARC" specification, get the book.

Ordering information:
        Publisher: Prentice Hall
        Title: The SPARC Architecture Manual, Version 8
        Title Code: 825000
        ISBN #: 0-13-825001-4
        List price: $37.00

        For single copies:
                1) Go to your local computer bookstore (e.g. Computer
                   Literacy) [note: they may not be in stock at the
                   bookstores, but should be within a week or two]
                2) or call: 1-201-767-5937 (Prentice Hall direct) and
                   order with a credit card. Now in stock at P.H.
        For quantity orders:
                5+ copies: 10% discount
                25+ copies: 15% discount
                50+ copies: (call number below and negotiate)
                Call Lorraine Longo at PH, 1-201-785-4766, to order.
                [Plus, if you want to bundle this (or other PH) books
                 with a product, she says that she can arrange
                 especially favorable terms.]

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                John Mohacsi

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