SUMMARY: installing fonts to Openwindows

From: Janos Mohacsi (
Date: Thu Jun 24 1993 - 06:30:29 CDT

The Original question was:

> I would like to install some new fonts under OW 3.0. How can I do it?
> I have the fonts in BDF formats. ( I converted it to .fb format) .
> How can I make it accessible system-wide?
> I would like to have some alias to my font. How can I make it?
> What is the syntax of the Compat.list Families.list Synonyms.list files?

The answer was:
The process I should follow to install the fonts:

>convertfont (which you have done to get .fb format), then bldfamily in the
>/usr/openwin/lib/fonts directory ( or whereever your fonts are).

convertfont reads in the set of named font files and dumps
them out again according to the specified options

>Oh, and I used 'convertfont -n xrcd xrcd.bdf' to convert my original
>bdf format font, so that it got the name xrcd.

Important thing : use the -n option, unless you want your font call as a strangeabbreviation of font-style.

>I have a font called "xrcd" which has two font files, "xrcd.ff" and "xrcd11.fb",
>bldfamily added the following line in the Families.list file:
>/xrcd (/xrcd.ff) _FontDirectoryFAM

bldfamily builded font family description to my font and made similar to line

I put the following line to the Synonyms.list:
/myfont /myfont.alias _FontDirectorySYN
Then I builded the font family again with bldfmaily. I could use my font as a
myfont but not as myfont.alias. ( After building line which I added to
Synonyms.list appeared in Families list .)
Then I made a dirty trick: I made link to myfont.ff as a name myfont.alias.ff
 and changed the line in Families.list to:
/myfont.alias (/myfont.alias.ff) _FontDirectoryFAM

Now the alias is working.

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