SUMMARY: Booting off sd7

From: Susan Thielen (
Date: Wed Jun 23 1993 - 15:00:22 CDT

I've figured out so many new things by trying to do this.. THe problem
was a fast SCSI-2 disk on a PTI controller. I couldn't figure out just
how to boot this from the PROM.. I got many good suggestions, but
the best was to use the

 /usr/kvm/unixname2bootname sd7a

command... which gave me


as the syntax for the correct boot command.. Problem is, the Prom on
the controller doesn't support booting!! SURPRISE!!! Kinda wild that
they would sell such an internal disk accessory and NOT allow it to
boot.. Yet.. They are working on it though...

So the consensus is, the disk just won't boot cause it can't...
But Fred Liu at PTI will be working on it!

Many thanks go out to

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