SHORT SUMMARY Re: Stuck Exabyte 8500 , how do you release tape?

From: Chris Phillips (
Date: Tue Jun 22 1993 - 12:31:02 CDT

This following were the best advice re: do you release tape?

The query was:
>Is there a magic way to get an Exabyte 8500 (Sun shoebox... to regurgitate a
>tape? We have a tape that got "stuck" and now the system says "no tape or
>device offline" in reponse to mt.
>The green light cycles when you press the eject button, the orange light is
>on steady.

I will hopefully get time to do a full SUMMARY soon, but we are moving our
machines to a new building this week... so its a might busy.

BTW... We had already tried power cycling and rebooting with no luck. The
Exabyte info was useful, but Andreas had the best description of the release
mechanism. After releasing the tape we had to reconnect the tape to the system
and reboot before the drive worked properly again. The drive is working
fine, but we did not have a tape eaten, it just wouldn't unload it.

|From: joef@VFL.Paramax.COM

|If the 8500's are anything like the 8200's, you need to open the box up,
|get to a small lever that actuates a switch on the side of the drive,
|and push this lever, after checking whether the tape is jammed around
|the video head drum or not.

|If you call Exabyte tech support (1 800 445-7736), they should fax you a
|procedure (they did for me).
|After getting the tape out, check the unit. I had one (an 8200) that did
|the same thing but never fixed itself after removing the tape and had
|to be replaced.

|From: Andreas Manschke <>

|I had the same problem some time ago. The reason was a realy "eaten"
|tape inside the exabyte.
|What I remember from the solution is:
|Disconnect the Exabyte from SCSI and power, open the desk-top,
|(eventually) unmount the drive from the U-type holding mechanism.
|At the left side of the drive is a small entry, where you should see
|some cables. Nearby the red and brown small cables is a small
|plastic nipple. Pull it torwards the front of the drive. This should
|open the door.
|I hope that you understood my german-englisch and you get your drive
|working again.


Thanks to all!

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