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Date: Mon Jun 21 1993 - 19:15:20 CDT

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> Hi Managers,
> I am currently running SunNet Manager 2.0 on a Sun IPX running 4.1.3. Here at Ford, I have the tremendous
> task of updating the runtime database to reflect all nodes on our net. Unfortunately, we bring in new
> machines constantly and we have a vast number of subnets. Is it possible to run discover at intervals
> to search for new nodes on our net without running manually?
> Thanks in advance.

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Sure, have a look at the man page for snm-discover. You could run it
from cron at whatever period you liked. Note that you probably need to
put this into a script which cron runs. In the script set SNMHOME and
possibly the user SNMDBDIR (I thinkm, the manual is not around at the
moment to look this up).

Not that you need to run one copy of snm_discover for each subnet, eg:

for i in net1 net2 net3; do
    snm_discover $i &


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You might note that SNM has a 1024 object limitation, so doing major discovers isn't all that useful.

However, if you do 'snm_discover -w -v' as root in a window, then ping new hosts (or otherwise send traffic to them), they automagically get passively discovered and put into the SNM database.

So it would be easy to combine this with a pinging script that pings hosts recently added to host tables (use diff to get the list), to automatically "notice" new hosts. Probably simpler than running discover on a whole bunch of subnets. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Peter J. Welcher EMAIL: Mathematics Department, M/S 9E PHONE: (410) 267-3606 572 Holloway Road U.S. Naval Academy Annapolis, MD 21402-5002 FAX: (410) 267-4883 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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