SUMMARY: using type 4 keyboard, with 4.1.2 & OW2?

From: Philip Brown (
Date: Mon Jun 21 1993 - 15:37:04 CDT

In <1vpp4dINN1id@darkstar.UCSC.EDU> (Philip Brown) writes:

>I looked in the FAQ for this one, but didn't find it...
>I have sunos 4.1.2 on cd-rom. I tried to install the OpenWindows support
>manually. but am having problems.

>and I get some stupid error about trying to set up ClassKeyboard and
>failing or something.

Well, even though I know nothing about postscript, I managed to guess at
a hack that actually works!

at the end of the looong case statement, there are two lines something


changing them to

           (NeWS/ LoadFile

has fixed my problem. I am not successfully running Openwindows 2 , and
get to play with Answerbook!

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