SUMMARY: Solaris 2.x and Backups

Date: Mon Jun 21 1993 - 09:55:06 CDT

Received: by k2.isdl (4.1/SMI-4.0) id AA12476; Mon, 21 Jun 93 10:55:03 EDT

>We have a number of suns that we are currently backing up with scripts that
>use rdump with the appropriate arguments. These machines are 4.1.3 (or 2 or 1)
>machines. We would like to add our solaris machines to this list.
>To avoid a network root that has rlogin privs to each machine, our backups
>are run using the operator account that has read access on the raw devices,
>but no other privileges (at least none that I know).
>Unfortunately, it looks like the default permisions for Solaris 2.2 is that the
>devices have owner of root and group of bin(gid = 3). (no operator).
>Is it still reasonable to back up partitions as operator? Or has this
>become inpossible? the easy way out (as far as I can see) is to chgrp
>uucp(gid = 5) (all my raw partitions). Is this reasonable?

>There is apparently no operator group in SVR4. gid=5 is the operator
>group in 4.1.x.
>Please send E-mail as I do not regularly read this group.
>Mike Kirby

The concensus of the net seems to be make the 4.1.3 operator account a
member of the bin group (4.1.3) which makes it a member of the sys group
under 5.x machines.

I haven't tried this solution yet, but assuming it works thanks...

Mike Kirby
Xerox Corp

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