SUMMARY: rpc trouble on Sol. 2.1

Date: Sat Jun 19 1993 - 02:40:38 CDT

I think I have solved my problem. When I set up these machines and NIS+ I
did not populate the rpc and service tables. For 3 months things worked
fine without these tables until the other day when the machine "golem"
started complaining. I didn't think it had to do with these tables since
everything seemed to work fine without them. But after a note from Peter
Bloomfield I populated these tables from the /etc files. Now everything
seems to work as usual.

Thanks for your help. A list of respondents follows the original posting.

Origninal post:

>My setup: Sparc Classic running Sol. 2.1
> NIS+ served by Sparc 10 running Sol. 2.1
>My problem: The following error messages are reported upon rebooting of
> machine.
>Jun 16 15:58:50 golem inetd[106]: rquotad/rpc/udp: unknown service

 < other similar errors >

>The problem cropped up when the user was nfs mounting his home directory
>from a 4.1.1 machine. The machine slowed to a trickle and gave the error
>"vmunix: NFS server (pid133@/net) not responding still trying". After
>rebooting both machines I get the above errors. No errors on 4.1.1
>I have tried replacing inetd.conf with one from a working machine, but no
>go. I have made sure all the files that show as errors are where they
>should be, or at least where they were when the system was installed. I'm
>stumped.... (Birger A. Wathne) (Joel Shandelman FIMS Information Systems -
"Lawrence R. Rogers" <lrr@Princeton.EDU>
Operator <> (Doris Harrington)
"Fuat C. Baran" <> (Russ Poffenberger) (James Terry) (Fabrice Guerini) (Peter Bloomfield)
Todd D. Kirkham
Network and Systems Manager
Dept. of Mathematics
University of Kansas

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