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Date: Thu Jun 17 1993 - 20:30:26 CDT

In article <> (Steve Simmons) writes:

  So yes, it's a horrible shock -- but it isn't really Suns fault. The
  legal world (ATT/USL/whoever) just is catching up to them.

But wait -- that may be a plausible reason for tightening down the
user licensing (and while I'm not happy about it, I'll accept that)
but it certainly has nothing to do with the number of CPUs in a system
(they are going to charge extra for this) or the number of NFS
clients. Sun invented NFS and by golly we pay to use it with every
SunOS/Solaris license. In addition, as a software support customer,
we've paid for them to ``enhance'' it these past few years. Now all of
a sudden, with Solaris 2.2, if I actually use NFS on a wide basis (and
every single sparc I maintain exports file-system to every other
machine I maintain) they want us to pay MORE. That is pure, simple

What really bugs me is at the same time that Sun is ``taking back''
things we've been using for years, they are bunding in other services
``for free'' (WABI being a recent example.) While I find that (WABI) a
neat idea, it's not enough to make up for the bad feelings they are
causing with this licensing fiasco.

That sad thing is, even though I'm basically a BSD biggot, I like
Solaris 2 (at least the concept) and I have been planning for and
hoping it would take off.


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