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From: Paul Hostrup-Jessen (smaug!
Date: Thu Jun 17 1993 - 16:02:01 CDT

Hello Sun-managers,

My original question was:

> Does anyone know if it is possible to get track-balls for Sun workstations?
> Since Sun doesn't manufacture these it would have to be from a third-party
> vendor. A number of our users are experiencing pains in their arms/wrists from
> long-time use of the mouse. In these cases, a track-ball might be a solution.

These were the answers I received:

1) We bought a trackball directly from Mouse-trak in Garland Texas. I didn't
   like it, but one of my employees loves it. We also bought a mechanical mouse
   from SunExpress. It has quite a different feel and the buttons have a
   different feel, so that is something to try, too.

2) I kind of doubt a trackball will solve this problem. It's more likely they
   need something like the WRIST KARE, which is a long pad that fit in front of
   the keyboard, that the wrists rest on. This keeps the user from allowing the
   wrists to bend too far. (I use one.) If you are convinced you want to look
   into trackballs, posted a summary on Kensington trackballs
   about last May 20. You can probably find it thru WAIS.

3) The Sun mouse is just a stock Mouse Systems serial mouse with an unusual
   connector. Any standard serial mouse or trackball should work if you can
   find the proper adapter to be able to plug it in. I've not personally run
   into this problem, but I understand that some people have gotten relief from
   Sun mouse pains by switching to a Logitec mouse.

4) Logitech makes some; I have two, they work fine.

5) I have one from Evergreen Systems which works pretty well. There are now 3
   or 4 vendors making them.....if you can find it, Sun has a "serial port-
   folio" listing all of the serial line devices that "plug in" -- alternate
   keyboards and trackballs included.

6) Don't have the info offhand, but if you look in one of the Sun trade
   magazines in the US you'll find one popular vendor of trackballs for around
   250$ U.S.

7) Translated from Swedish: You can contact a company called Mouse-Track/USA
   or their representative Specma in Sweden. We have had the same problem and
   we got a track-ball on trial. The problems of pains in the arms disappeared.
   Addresses: Mouse-Track
                       ITAC SYSTEMS, Inc
                       3121 Benton street
                       Garland Texas
                       Fax/international: +1 214 494 4159

                       Tel/international +46 31 89 16 00

Thanks a lot to: Richard A. Jones jones@bakmes.Colorado.EDU
                  Ed Arnold
                  Perry Hutchison
                  Mike Raffety
                  Hal Stern
                  Henry Katz hkatz@NUCMED.MED.NYU.EDU
                  Per Hallenborg

Best regards

Paul Hostrup-Jessen,

Bruel & Kjaer A/S
DK-2850 Naerum

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