Re: SUMMARY: Solaris 2.2 licensing

From: William Unruh (
Date: Thu Jun 17 1993 - 12:02:29 CDT

fwp@CC.MsState.Edu (Frank Peters) writes:

>In article <1vor36$> (merlin) says:

>The definition looks like it is trying to get to the idea that one
>keyboard equals one user (though I'd like to see a precise definition
>of the remote login session). This strikes me as a very reasonable way
>to define a "user".

Not if you come in off another Sun station. Then 1 keyboard=2users ( one
on the machine the keyboard attaches to and one on the login session) In
fact by chain logging in one keyboard with this definition can be as
many users as you want- even on exactly the smae machine. Great

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