Re: SUMMARY: Solaris 2.2 licensing

From: merlin (
Date: Wed Jun 16 1993 - 23:14:30 CDT

In article <g89r4222.740127877@kudu> (Geoff Rehmet) writes:
>In <> (Chuck Strickland) writes:
>> Now the definition of a user is.
>> 1. A login from console or directly connected tty.
>> 2. An X terminal session.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> 3. A remote login session.

SCO Open Desktop/Open Server SYSVR3.2r4.2 (that's really release 3.2
as far as most people in the real world are concerned) counts remote
logins and serial logins as one user per session. SCO allows an
unlimited number of either multiscreen and/or X terminal sessions on
the console. So, a two user limit on SCO makes sense.

If SUN really counts each X terminal session as a user I wouldn't go
anywhere near their system. As a practical matter there is no good
reason for limiting X terminal sessions.

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