Summary:Problem with OW 3.0/xnews (fwd)

From: Wai the Elf (
Date: Wed Jun 16 1993 - 05:46:34 CDT

this was my question
> hello,
> I seem to have run into a strange problem with OW and xnews.
> the system is a SS10 running 4.1.3 with 64 MB ram.
> when I try to run openwin with the -noauth option, xnews chokes
> and core dump with the following message:
> "internal error detected (SIGSEGV)"
> I have tested my .cshrc, .login files on another SS10 and they worked
> just fine.
> any ideas as to what is causing the problem???
> thanks
> -wai

this was the reply I got from Jim Levie

Just a wild guess... Look carefully at your X0.hosts file, there is
either a host in the file that is not in /etc/hosts (or NIS map), a
malformed host entry, of blank lines.

which turned out to be right, there was a X0.hosts file in /etc,
must have put it during one of those late night hack :-)

thanks. -wai

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