SUMMARY - Sparc2 to Sparc10 upgrade question

From: Ken Meehan (
Date: Tue Jun 15 1993 - 06:57:40 CDT

Many thanks for all the replies I got to my Sparc 2 to Sparc 10 upgrade
question. The simple answer is that the Sparc 2 is a sun4c architecture
and the Sparc10 is a sun4m architecture. You need to reload the OS
(at least 4.1.3) onto the disk.

In info.sun-managers you write:

>Hi Sun-managers,

>I am trying to upgrade a Sparc 2 to a Sparc 10.
>The upgrade kit is really an entire Sparc 10 without
>an internal disk.

>I performed the upgrade but CANNOT BOOT the Sparc 10
>from the internal disk that I transferred. This disk
>is the standard Sun internal 424MB(?) Seagate.

>I can boot the new Sparc 10 from an external CD-ROM,
>load and boot a mini-kernel on the disk, and access
>/ and /usr on the disk.

>I am however unable to boot the new Sparc 10 directly
>from the disk, any attempt to boot it gives the error:
>"Data Access Exception".

>SunOS 4.1.3 is the version. Has anyone else performed a
>similar upgrade with success or does anyone have some
>good suggestions?

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