SUMMARY: Tools to do Booch notation diagrams on X?

From: Gil Tene (
Date: Sat Jun 12 1993 - 12:15:06 CDT

In my original article I wrote :

> I am looking for tools to do Booch notation OOD diagrams and templates
> (Class and Object, and preferrably Timing, Module, and Process as
> well) to run under X on Sparcs and/or HP's.
> I am interested in any data on such tools, both publicly available
> and commercial. Will summerize.

I got several replies, and now it's time to summerize. The possible
tools people suggested are listed below :

- Rational's Rational Rose product, available for Suns, IBM RS6000s
  and MS-Windows. Booch works at Rational...

  Rational Rose
  3320 Scott Blvd.
  Santa Clara, CA 95054
  (408) 496-3600
  e-mail :

- Use tgif. It doesn't directly support The Booch notations, but it
  lets you attach text "attributes" to objects and can store built
  objects in libraries. This can be used to built libraries of tgif
  objects to represent the different diagram objects use in Booch's

- The PC version of SystemArchitect from POPKIN supports Booch. There
  may be a UNIX version.

Thanks :
william@CS.UCLA.EDU (William Cheng), (Jeppe Nielsen) (Eric Dietiker), bristol!scot@uunet.UU.NET (Scot Wingo)
Ron Trask <> (Bill Leonard) (David Linthicum) (daniel r montz)

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