SUMMARY: AnswerBook under X11R5 servers

From: Rebecca A. Littleton (
Date: Fri Jun 11 1993 - 15:48:30 CDT

        I am sorry I have been so long in providing a summary to the
question I asked last month about running Answerbook under X11R5. I
delayed this summary to try the solutions I received, to try
my hand at finding a solution as well as to wait for more responses.
I haven't had the time to return to this problem so will post what
I've learned up to this point. Here's my original post:
        In recently installed Sun's AnswerBook 1.4 on our Sun 4
        machines. Following instructions in a recent sun-sys-sun
        FAQ, I configured it to run under X11R5 by installing perl,
        ghostscript, ghostview, and xdocviewer. It runs well under
        X11R5 on my sun machines. I can also run it on a sun with
        display onto another sun running an X11R5 server. I CANNOT
        run it on a sun with display onto a DEC running an X11R5 server.
        Here's what happens when I run it on a sun and display it onto
        my DEC X11R5 server:
        Verifying environment ... finished
        XView warning: Cannot load font '-b&h-lucida-medium-r-*-*-*-120
                -*-*-*-*-*-*' (Font Package)
        XView warning: Cannot load font '-b&h-lucida-medium-r-normal-sans
                -*-120-*-*-*-*-*-*' (Font Package)
        XView error: Cannot open connection to window server: cacapon:0.0
                (Server Package)
        A ghostview window appears on my DEC with the AnswerBook logo
        but no Navigator window appears. Other X11R5 applications such
        as xclock will run on the sun with display onto my DEC X11R5

        I received about a dozen responses, but all except two were
requests for more information about the FAQ that I quoted or requests
for more info on how to install Answerbook under X11R5.
        The FAQ is from the comp.sys.sun.admin newsgroup. Here is the
information I got there.
        AnswerBook in its current form requires the Openwindows
        server. It uses the NeWs extensions(Postscript) extensions
        to this server to display the Answerbook files.
        To use Answerbook under X11R5 you will need to replace the
        docviewer program with xdocviewer. Xdocviewer does not
        support all the options that the "real" docviewer supports such
        as "hypertext" links.
        To install "xdocviewer" you will need the following programs:
                Perl-4 patchlevel 35
                Ghostscript 2.4 or above
                GSpreview 2.1 or above or Ghostview 1.3 or above
        All of these are available from They are
        located in the /pub/gnu directory.
        Finally, you need xdocviewer. It is available from the
        /contrib directory on host

        Here are the two solutions I received but I haven't had an
opportunity to try them.
1. Find the font source to the missing fonts, and install them on the DEC.
    Create a font alias, to alias the missing font to an existing font
    on the DEC. In either case, you could start with "man mkfontdir".
    I believe fonts on X11R5 appear in a number of different formats, some
    of which are machine independent but relatively slow, and some of
    which are machine dependent (probably a byte-order issue) but relatively
    fast. Offhand, I'd guess .bdf's are portable, .snf's aren't. bdftosnf
    should convert between the two. You may be able to find the appropriate
    .bdf files on
2. Look for {snftools,bdftools}.tar.Z or some such on
    to transport the fonts (-b&h-lucida-medium... and -b&h-lucida-medium-r-
    normal-sans...) from Sun/Openwin env to the Ultrix X env. You can
    translate them into snf fonts on the sun, and convert them back to
    bfd fonts on your DEC.

Thanks to:
Dan Stromberg
Michael Harris


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