SUMMARY : Openwindows installatin problem

From: Kalyanaraman Venkataramanan (
Date: Fri Jun 11 1993 - 02:04:36 CDT


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        We have installed a new Sparc 10 w/s and while trying to load
openwindows we get an error message which says

        " NULL pointer passed to xv_set ".

This occurs only for users and root(admin) can get the windows. The
first message on the screen has something to do with svc_selection etc.
The problem results in inability to oen shelltool or commandtool. All
other applications are fine.

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This is because your users do not have access to write to /tmp, whereas
as system admin you can write to /tmp.

Your permissions on the /tmp directory are incorrect. I usually do a
chmod 777 /tmp;chmod +t /tmp

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Thanks to the following persons for their help.

        Anjula Garg
        Joseph P. DeCello III


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