SUMMAY: Where to find a network news server.

From: John Murtari (
Date: Fri Jun 04 1993 - 20:36:26 CDT

        My original question:
>> I have user's who wish to access internet news groups. Our
>> company has dial-up internet access supplied by PSI. We had the option
>> of having a mail feed directly to us...but thought we didn't want to
>> keep our modem busy transferring all those articles.
>> I have been told there exist Network News Server whose purpose
>> is to server as a news server to XVNews clients running on local hosts.
>> Is this correct??? We found a copy of XVNews, and are trying to find
>> the internet address of a server.

        And the answer is....

        Use server ( When we tried xvnews
it took about 20 minutes before the first window came-up. After that
response was "reasonable".

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