SUMMARY xdm and Xncdxx files

From: Ken Meehan (
Date: Thu Jun 03 1993 - 14:47:28 CDT

Many thanks for all the responses I received on my question about
my NCD software and my XDM problem. Sorry about the delayed summary.
Responses came from all the following:

The software for NCD X-terminals is not available over the network
and must be purchased from NCD. The latest release is 3.0.1
Part number for the tape PN 9300144 and the manual
is PN 9300192.
NCD Technical Support 415-691-7445
NCD Literature Request 415-691-2717
NCD SALES Lori Sandoval 415-691-2762

Also was able to shed light onto the
xdm problem.

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