SUMMARY: ruptime problems under 4.1.3 vs 4.1.2

From: Bill Morrow (
Date: Mon May 31 1993 - 06:01:21 CDT

On Saturday, I asked:

> I have just upgraded a Sparcstation 1 from SunOS 4.1.1 to 4.1.3
> Everything seems functional, except ruptime cannot collect broadcasts
> from other machines on our network ( a mixture of Sparcs running 4.1.2
> and 4.1.1, and some 386i's running 4.0.2 ), plus this machine
> is not recognized as being up by the other machines.

As I found out myself after I posted :{ rwhod needs to be running to
collect information for ruptime. This is obliquely referenced in
the ruptime man page (SEE ALSO lists rwho, which mentions that
rwhod needs to run for rwho to work; "man rwhod" says that rwhod is
needed for rwho and ruptime). How could I have missed it?

rwhod is not started by default, the command to do so is commented
out in /etc/rc.

Thanks to those who confirmed my answer.
Does this win stupid question of the week?

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