SUMMARY: How to start a program by sendmail

From: Simon Shickman (
Date: Sun May 30 1993 - 14:36:23 CDT

The question was:
>I use sendmail+IDA and I need to create a pseudo-host that traps
>mail and pipe the mail to a program.
>I think that this is easily done for a pseudo-user with an entry
>in the aliases file, but would like to have have a pseudo-host.
First of all, I would like to apologize, if the question did not
belong to the list. However, I did get few requests for summary.

Here is an answer from Robert Andersson that summarizes it:
|Quite easy to do with IDA sendmail. Basically you define a mailer in your
|.m4 file, and add entries to the mailertable using it. Belows is a copy
|of our setup. is our real domain, is the pseudo-domain
|that gets routed into the serverx mailer.
|define(TRUSTEDUSERS, serverx news)
|define(MAILERTABLE, LIBDIR/mailertable)
|define(ALIASES, /etc/aliases)
|define(UUCPNAME, gars)
|Mserverx, P=/local/bin/, F=CDFMPhmnu, S=10, R=10, ginet $u

I would like to thank all of you that answered.
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