SUMMARY: named[<pid>] xfer returned 255

From: Tim Clemens, GEA, 8*334-7714 (
Date: Sat May 29 1993 - 00:08:34 CDT

> Does anyone know what this means:
> named[26710]: xfer returned 255
> This message shows up on the system console and /var/spool/messages every
> 10 minutes. 26710 is the pid of the named daemon which is running on a
> SPARC 630MP Server. This machine is acting as a primary Domain Name Server
> for our domain. SunOS 4.1.3 is the version of OS. I also have a secondary
> DNS server on a identical machine which does NOT display this message.
> Everything seems to work fine, nslookup, mail, etc... using DNS & NIS.
> It's just that these messages are annoying and taking up disk space in the
> log files.
> Any ideas?

The SPARC 630MP is also acting as a secondary DNS server for another domain.
I had failed to put the name of a backup file in the named.boot file. The
corrected line in named.boot is:
secondary <domain name> <ip address> <backup file>
The messages are gone. Thanks Mirek.

- Try running named in debug mode (named -d 9).
  Check log file /var/tmp/
- recommend BIND4.9, available among others from
  compiles and runs without any problems on SunOS, Ultrix, AIX...
  has a better version of nslookup.
- Versions of xfer must be compatible between machines.

My thanks to:
root@speedy.ARPA "GOD" Zenon Mirek Nazaruk Andreas Karrer Fabrice Guerini
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