SUMMARY: (long) modem set up, ttysoftcar not working?

From: Walter Moore (
Date: Thu May 27 1993 - 05:35:50 CDT

The original question is at the end.
here's what we ended up doing:
EVERYTING we had done to set up the modems was correct, but we hadn't set up
the modem internally. so we had to turn on autoanswer for one and turn it off
for the other (only wanted dial-in on one modem, after all):

    Setup Intel 14.4 calling modem (dial-out only)

        root# cu -t -lcub0 Responds with 'CONNECTED'

              at&f You will NOT see this command
                                     echoed as you enter it, but it
                                     does respond with 'OK'.

              ats0=0v0e0\v0x0&w You will see this as you enter it.
                ==== Responds with a '0' (right over
                  | the 'a' in 'ats0=1v0e0\v0x0&w'
                  +----------------- 's0=0' turns off autoanswer.

              ~. Tilde period (~.) exits 'cu'
                                     responding with 'CLOSED CONNECTION'.

   Setup our Intel 14.4 (Hayes compatable) answering modem (dial-out and dial-in)

        root# cu -t -lcua0 Responds with 'CONNECTED'

              at&f You will NOT see this command
                                     echoed as you enter it, but it
                                     does respond with 'OK'.

              ats0=1v0e0\v0x0&w You will see this as you enter it.
                ==== Responds with a '0' (right over
                  | the 'a' in 'ats0=1v0e0\v0x0&w'
                  +----------------- 's0=1' turns on autoanswer.

              ~. Tilde period (~.) exits 'cu'
                                     responding with 'CLOSED CONNECTION'.

thanks to EVERYONE who replied.

Here's stuff from nice people:
From: Rodney Campbell <>

> QUESTION: how can we make the modems pick up?

Try doing a:
# mv /dev/ttya /dev/ttyd0# chmod 777 /var/spool/locks
Edit the /etc/ttytab file and modify/add the following:
ttya "/usr/etc/getty std.9600" unknown off local
ttyd0 "/usr/etc/getty std.19200" dialup on remote
Note: The above assumes taht the default BAUD rate for incoming connections
is 19,200

From: "Andrew Luebker" <>

Try telling the modem
   AT &D2 &C1 &S1

This tells the modem to enable DTR, CARRIER DETECT and DSR signals.
>From Thu May 20 03:40:52 1993

mv /dev/ttya /dev/ttyd0 # Follow normal conventions
And change references to ttya to become ttyd0.

Then the important steps:

eeprom "ttya-rts-dtr-off=false"
eeprom "ttya-ignore-cd=false"

halt, and power off/on to reset the hardware to new eeprom values.

If this is OK, you should be able to get going. Also check the modem
configurations. Some AT command is needed to tell the modem that it
should answer the phone. And remember to save those settings befory you
reset the modem....
From: Kevin Cosgrove <qiclab!solomon!>

<snip LONG list of things and apparently other's input on a similar problem
and a recipe similar to the one I gave in original question.>

if anyone want's this, please let me know and I will send it. if I get
lots of requests, I'll include it in an addendum, but it IS long.

From: (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer)

you don't want to do step 5. only run the getty on ttya,
and leave /dev/cua for dialing out. what's probably ahppening
is that the getty is picking up the line prematurely.

From: etnibsd!vsh@uunet.UU.NET (Steve Harris)

I believe that, under SunOS 4.1.x, the words "remote" and "unsecure"
are not recognized in /etc/ttytab (unless you explicitly say "local" or
"secure", these attributes will default to FALSE). It probably won't
fix anything, but try replacing the line with:

         ttya "/usr/etc/getty std.9600" dialup on

Good luck,

From: positron!metcalf@UUCP-GW.CC.UH.EDU (Taft Metcalf)


On my system, ttysoftcar ttya simply hangs until I ^C out of it, BUT
the line works well for both dial in and dial out. When I have had problems
with modems answering it has been usually a setup problem with the modem or
a cable that did not supply all the modem control lines.
From: (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

Hi Walter,

You actually need to specify the full path to the device, eg:

ttysoftcar -n /dev/ttya

If rebooting did not fix it (this gets run automatically in /etc/rc at
boot time) then you have a more serious problem. Does you serial cable
have all the pins connected through to the modem, in particular pin 8,
carrier detect?

Also have you set the modem to answer, usually s0=2 (answer on the
second ring)?

Have you set the modem to do hardware handshaking? (Ie RTS/CTS). If so
on the sun you need to add an entry to gettytab.

I have a 14.4k v42 modem on my SS1+, sunos 4.1.2. Here's my setups:

To create ttyd1: mv /dev/ttyb /dev/ttyd1 (not an essential step but
according to the doc login understands that calls on ttyd<n> are from

ttyd1 "/usr/etc/getty std.38400" unknown on remote

ls -l /dev/cua1 /dev/ttyd1
crw------- 1 uucp staff 12, 129 May 21 07:18 /dev/cua1
crw--w--w- 1 root wheel 12, 1 Aug 4 1992 /dev/ttyd1


You seem to have done everything right on the sun side. Hopefully
someone else with the same modem will send you their modem register

From: (Buddy Mecca)

This is what worked for me:

1.) As superuser, I made the device cua0 for dial-out. I then moved ttyb to
ttyd0 for dial-in.

2.) I edited /etc/ttyb to include
    ttyb "/usr/etc/getty std.9600 unknown off local secure
    ttyd0 "/usr/etc/getty std.2400 dialup on remote

3.) Using eeprom, I set

4.) I turnerd off soft carrier on ttyd0. In /etc/rc I set
    /usr/etc/ttysoftcar -n ttyd0 > /dev/null 2>&1

5.) I edited /etc/remote as shown in the System & Network Administration
book (so tip would work).

6.) I re-booted the system.


> I have a user who is trying to install 2 modems on two different
> computers. They both dial out ok, but neither modem will pick up
> (although, until he turned one modem off and then on again, it
> would pick up and then hang up during the handshake) when it is
> dialed. I am unable to do a "ttysoftcar ttya" on either machine,
> even with the modem off and/or disconnected from the machine.
> We tried rebooting, but no luck.
> He did the following (on both):
> 0) hook the modem up to serial port ttya
> 1) change the /etc/ttytab entry for ttya:
> ttya "/usr/etc/getty std.9600" dialup on remote unsecure
> 2) root# kill -HUP 1
> 3) root# ttysoftcar -n ttya
> 4) root# cd /dev
> root# ls -l ttya
> crw-rw-rw- l root 12, 0 Jan 25 16:30 ttya
> root# mknod cua0 c 12 128
> root# chown uucp cua0
> root# chmod 600 cub0
> 5)add to the /etc/ttytab file:
> cua0 "/usr/etc/getty std.9600" unknown off
> 6) root# kill -HUP 1
> 7) I THINK he did this, but he can't recall for sure:
> root# ttysoftcar -n ttyb
> (this last is superfulous, but not harmful)
> He put these entries into the /etc/remote file (spaces as white space):
> ===
> cua0:dv=/dev/cua0:
> srmp670:\
> :pn=<some valid phone number and pin>:tc=UNIX-9600:
> UNIX-9600:\
> :el=^D^U^C^S^Q^O@:du:at=hayes:ie=#$%:oe=^D:br#9600:tc=dialers:
> dialers:\
> :dv=/dev/cua0:
> ===
> here are permissions:
> srsun03% ls -l /dev/ttya
> crw-r--r-- 1 root 12, 0 May 19 11:23 /dev/ttya
> srsun03% ls -l /dev/cua0
> crw------- 1 uucp 12, 128 May 19 11:14 /dev/cua0
> srmp670{zwbm07}% ls -l /dev/ttya
> crw--w--w- 1 root 12, 0 May 11 06:59 /dev/ttya
> srmp670{zwbm07}% ls -l /dev/cua0
> crw------- 1 uucp 12, 128 May 18 12:53 /dev/cua0
> The systems involved are:
> srsun03, a sparc 2 running SunOS 4.1.2
> and
> srmp670, a mp670 with 4 processor running 4.1.2.
> each modem is an INTEL 14.4 EX modem (AT compatible),
> with V.32/V.42/V.42bis compatible.
> QUESTION: how can we make the modems pick up?

thanks again all.


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