SUMMARY: PLUM PCNFS Lic. Server Lockup

From: David Burwell (
Date: Wed May 26 1993 - 04:54:49 CDT

  This is an intermediate SUMMARY.
  Thanks to all who responded.
  The short term solution, as pointed out by serveral people, was to add the "&" after the RPC.PLUMD. This allowed me to get the process running without locking up the console.
  The long term solution is under test.
  It was pointed out by many that I could have included more detail, particaluly the lines in the RC.LOCAL about the RPC.PLUMD. These modifications were made by the installation script that came with the license server package.
Here it is:

# Start the PC-NFS License Server
if [ -f /usr/plum/rpc.plumd ] ; then
        /usr/plum/rpc.plumd & ; echo "PC-NFS License Server"

  The file "rpc.plumd" is in the directory /usr/plum (this is the default area that the installation script wants it to be in). The file server is a Sparc II running SunOS 4.1.2.
  When first installed (per the documentation), they state that a License Database must be created before rpc.plumd can be started. That database was created and rpc.plumd started without any problems (without the "&" at the end). It was only after the reboot 2 weeks later that the process did not start and could not be started in the fashon that the documentation says it should run.

  After talking to the Tech Support at Sun Select 2 about this for 20 min. they called back today and suggested that a possible solution was to take out the ";" in front of the echo command in the RC.LOCAL file.

if [ -f /usr/plum/rpc.plumd ] ; then
        /usr/plum/rpc.plumd & echo "PC-NFS License Server"
                              ^- Like so.
  He didn't understand why that might work, but that was what he was told.
  He also said that he could not understand why this would have some effect on having the process lock up a console.
  Does this make sense to anyone?
  I will reboot the server later tonight and see how that works out.
  Again, thanks to all how responded.

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