SUMMARY: Disabling user accounts

From: Meg Grice (
Date: Wed May 26 1993 - 01:13:01 CDT

> From mlg Tue May 25 12:33:44 1993
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> I need to be able to disable user accounts for various reasons -- such
> as the student or employee is no longer at the university or perhaps
> they have a too easy to guess password.
> I usually use an alternate shell which displays a message stating the
> reason that the account is disable and who to contact to get the
> account enabled again. However, this method still allows students
> to ftp in to the system.
> Is there a way to disable the ftp also?
> Thanks for your help.
Thank you for the quick answers. I should clarify that I did not
wish to change the password. I want the users to be able to log
in and see the message the is displayed.

I was hoping for a way to make ftp check the shell and allow ftp
only if the user has a valid shell. But this does not seem to be

I received the answer from several people to put the user name in
/etc/ftpusers. Thanks for the polite reply even though is is
in the manual on the Ultrix computers. By the way, it is not on
the man page for SunOS.

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