SUMMARY: exabyte 8500c and solaris 2.1

From: S. Cowles (
Date: Tue May 25 1993 - 06:14:23 CDT

Original query:
orig: Configuration:
orig: Sparc 10
orig: Solaris 2.1
orig: Exabyte 8500c tape drive (with compression)
orig: Exabyte 10i jukebox
orig: I have found out that the Exabyte 8500c drive and Solaris 2.1 are not
orig: compatible. Is there any news available concerning workarounds for
orig: this problem? Will Solaris 2.2 or >2.2 solve this?

Ake Sandgren ( has replaced the exabyte 8200 entry in
/kernel/drv/st with the appropriate information for the 8500c and has
had success with this patched driver. That is all the information
that I've received. My original configuration information should have
mentioned that the jukebox we have is R-squared's version of the
Exabyte 10i with embedded 8500c.

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