Summary:setup diskless client problem,

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Date: Tue May 25 1993 - 04:31:47 CDT

Hello SunManagers,

     The diskless client boot up happily now. Thank to


All the replys pointed out the hostname resolution problem
1, it is pointed out in the /etc/ethers file, the leadding zero of
   MAC address should be removed. This might help because I did it
   immediately but modified other things at the same time.
2, It is also suggested that put the full name on NIS host map and in
   bootparams maps. I did that along with the above.
Then the hostname resolution problem resolved. Later on I tried useing
local host name in bootparams NIS map and /var/yp/make it, the client
booting show "bootparams server not responding, retrying". It might
be able to bootup if I wait enough time but I can't wait, so I immediately
change back.

The final solution goes to

Both of above pointed out it could be an incompleted or corrupt /export/exec
/proto.root.sunos.4.1.2 directory. It was indeed. I load it from CD-ROM again
and rerun add_client in interactively (with default setup). Then suddenly
the diskless client stands up in the network!

Again Thanks

The original inquery as following:

> I am setting up a diskless client(named quantum) for the new user supposed to
> come on this Monday. Our NIS server is a sparc2 running 4.1.2 and ow3.
> The boot server is an IPX (named catfish)
> running 4.1.2 and ow3.

> On NIS server, the /etc/ethers file (contain only one line) is:

> 08:00:20:08:76:50 quantum

> the /etc/bootparams file is

> quantum root=catfish:/home1/export/root/quantum \

> on the Boot server the /etc/bootparams file I put a plus sign only.

> the /etc/exports file is as :
> /home1/export/root/quantum -access=quantum,root=quantum
> /home1/export/swap/quantum -access=quantum,root=quantum

> The add_client on boot server is successful.
> I type in rpcinfo -b params 1 to find out the stations running bootparam server
> and turn off all others rpc.bootparamd except the boot server (catfish).

> After that I went to the diskless station (a sparc 1 station) to boot in
> debug mode:

> b le() -v

> The Messages is as following:

> ....
> ....
> Requesting Internet Address for 8:0:20:8:76:50
> got reply from 0:0:1b:14:9:2c type 0xe0 arp_pro 0xe0 arp_sha 8:0:20:8:76:50
> arp_spa arp_tha 8:0:20:8:76:50 arp_tpa
> Using IP address
> call portmapper: to prot 111 prog 100026 vers1 proc 1
> XXcall timed out(status 5)
> portmapper reply timed out (status 5)
> No bootparamserver responding: still trying
> XXXcall... -------> repeat above.

> .ON the Boot server I start bootparamd in debug mode after killed the original one
> by:

> #rpc.bootparamd -d

> and the screen reponding as:

> In debug mode
> bp_getclntent failed
> bp_getclntent failed
> .........
> .......
> The diskless station keep trying until its buffer full.

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