SUMMARY: Color PostScript Printers

From: A Service Organization (
Date: Mon May 24 1993 - 20:16:35 CDT

Thanks to all those who responded about my query a few
weeks ago regarding Color PostScript Printers:

Here is the summary:

1) the new Sun product, NeWSprinter CL+ which operates at 360 dpi is
   relatively low cost ($2400 with educational discount). You need
   the SUN product NeWSprint to drive it

2) xv was routinely suggested as a convenient way to generate color
   PostScript from other formats (eg. sun raster) - I certainly agree
   with this

3) Textronix Phaser II and III are popular but a bit spendy.

4) Obtaining good color matching to what is on the screen seems to
   require using something like Adobe Photoshop running on a Mac with
   24-bit color

5) Although they were a minority, two respondents rave about the QMS
   ColorScript 100 Model 10 - although it takes 7.5 minutes per
   MB to print over the serial cable

So, to sum the summary - there really is a wide divergence of opinion
on this matter. If cost is not the issue then I suppose the concensus
is for the Textronix printers. If your looking for something decent
for a reasonable price it would appear that Sun offers a reasonable
compromise though no one has one of these devices yet!

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