SUMMARY: Openwindows 3.1 xdm under Solaris 2.1

From: Mike Bauer (
Date: Fri May 21 1993 - 15:36:14 CDT

My original post:

> Problem is: xdm won't start up. Nothing gets logged to xdm-errors and
> truss shows xdm in a tight loop doing wait() calls when it has no
> children! wait() is returning ENOCHILD constantly. XDM debugging stops
> right after "creating port 177". I am familiar with xdm operation and
> have it running no problem under SunOS 4.1.3 and OpenWindows 3.0., as well
> as Ultrix and OSF/1. I have no servers specified in the servers file, I
> only want to support remote x-terms through xdmcp.

I only had 2 responses, one from Dan Stromberg <>
regarding xauth security and xdm, the other from
(Mikell Vanderlaan) stating that xdm dumps core for him.

The solution came from Sun's answerline service, which has been extremely
helpfull, both on this issue and others!

This is a bug in the Solaris 2.1 xdm, bug id 1102326 and it has a
preliminary patch. Sun mailed me the patch, I have tested it and it has
been working just fine for a while now. As yet, there is no patch ID
assigned, so if you need it, you'll have to reference the bug id.

Mike Bauer (

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