SUMMARY: Text does not echo under OW3 for dbxtool and debugger

From: Craig Bishop (
Date: Thu May 20 1993 - 06:58:04 CDT

The original query was:

        I have seen this problem both on a SPARC, and a NCD Xterminal
        connected to the same SPARC. The tools run correctly but typed
        text in the command window of the tool is not displayed.
        Obviously echo is turned off for the pseudo tty being used for
        the command window but what needs to be done to ensure it is
        always turned on?
Responses from: (Maria A. Barnum) (Fred G. Kuhns)

Maria had the solution that will always work, add this line
to your .dbxinit file:

        sh stty sane
Works on the SPARC under the circumstances where it previously
failed. It also works on the Xterminal.

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