SUMMARY: Kensington trackballs for SPARCstation 1+

Date: Thu May 20 1993 - 02:13:58 CDT

Original query:

    If anyone out there can tell me whether Kensington makes a trackball
    compatible with SPARCstation 1+'s, I sure would appreciate it.


    Respondents uniformly wondered about Kensingtons too. They also
    offered or recommended the following vendors:

        Evergreen Systems
            Phone: 818.991.7835
            Email: N/A
            Location: Westlake Village, CA, USA

        ITAC Systems, Inc
            Phone: N/A
            Email: N/A
            Location: Garland, Texas

            Phone: N/A
            Email: N/A
            Location: N/A

            Phone: 800.533.4822
            Location: N/A

Thanks to...

    Cathrine Fulmer
    Christian Lawrence
    Felix Finch sbe20!sbe1!felix@uunet.UU.NET
    Mark G. Owens
    Paul A. Hepp
    Steve Watson swatson@Kodak.COM

...for their responses.

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