SUMMARY: Reverse Image Printing with SparcPrinter

From: David Schmeling (
Date: Wed May 19 1993 - 11:38:00 CDT


I have sent this summary once already, but never saw it hit the list, so I
am resending it. If this is a repeat please excuse it.

My question was:

I am using Snapshot to do screen dumps in OW3. The window that I want to
dump has a black image, and therefore is printed as a large black box with
white lines in it. This is a real waste of printer toner. Is there any
way to reverse the image, so that you get a white sheet of paper with black
lines on it????

Sparc10 GX, 4.1.3, SparcPrinter, NewsPrint 2.1

I want to thank the following people for responding: (Eckhard Rueggeberg) (Steven W Andariese)
hkatz@nucmed.NYU.EDU (Henry Katz)
"Gregory A. Parmer" <> (Dan Stromberg) (Russ Walsh) (Kerry Kinnersley)

The Solution:

Most of the suggestions were to obtain 'xv 3.0' program. This utility will
allow you to change the colormap of any image. This is the solution that
I am using. I obtained the utility via ftp from

Another suggestion was to get the PBMPLUS Toolkit, available from numerous
ftp sites. This is also a working solution.

Another suggestion was to use the xpr utility, with the reverse option.
I tried this method before, and found that it was incompatible with my
application. It may work for others though.

A final suggestion was to setenv CANVASCOLOR WHITE in .cshrc. I have not
tried this option yet.

Thank you all!!!!!!

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