SUMMARY: Printer Accounting

From: Phong Co (phaedrus%triples@Triples.Math.McGill.CA)
Date: Tue May 18 1993 - 05:22:18 CDT

Sorry this has take so long. Not much to report, I'm afraid.

My original question:

We have a small network of Sun 3s and Sparcs connected to two printers: a
SparcPrinter running NewsPrint, and a QMS 810. I'd like to set up
accounting for both printers, so that I can get a list of users and #pages
printed. Are there any free/share/pay-ware programs that can take care of
this easily?

The single reply, from Mark J. McIntosh <Mark.McIntosh@engr.UVic.CA>

> Well, Newsprint 2.x produces an accounting file list username and
> pages printed for each job. Something like Newsprint or Transcript
> driving your QMS should do the same thing.

> Are you looking for a package to do the billing summaries?

Thanks, Mark. We have been thinking of getting the new version of
NewsPrint, but since this entails an OS upgrade, will sit back and
evaluate some more.

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