SUMMARY : Solaris 2.1 and NIS+

From: Amanul Haque (xhaque@etnsed.COM)
Date: Mon May 17 1993 - 14:07:59 CDT

 Thanks to all who replied to my request for help in installing
 Bill Hunter
 Christian Lawrence uunet!!cal
 Dan Stromberg
 Dave Shevett
 Brian Beattie
 Edgar T. Kalns
 Barnes William
 Mike Raffety uunet!!miker
 Marcel Bernards Bernards@ECN.NL
  Most of the responses said to hold off till Solaris 2.2 since
 2.1 has numerous bugs in it. However, I did get directions on how
 Bill Hunter and Willam Barns installed it. If anyone is interested in it,
 let me know and I will forward the doc to you.
 A. Haque

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