Re: (SUMMARY) Modula-2 Under Solaris

From: Yoshio Turner (
Date: Mon May 17 1993 - 12:36:49 CDT

Right after I posted my summary, I got some more replies!
One corrects my mangling of terminology, and the
other criticizes EPC Modula-2, the product I was leaning
towards (oh no!). --Yoshio <>

I said:
>There is also a beta version of Metrowerks for
>SunOS 4.1 (***NOT*** Solaris) available via anon FTP.

Greg Onufer at Sun says I'm wrong to say this, since SunOS 4.x is
the core OS of Solaris 1.x, while SunOS 5.x is the core OS of
Solaris 2.x. ``Solaris is the name of a "bundle" of packages including
SunOS and OpenWindows as well as ONC or ONC+. The term "Solaris"
all by itself does *not* indicate any particular version of its
components as you seem to imply.'' Sorry about that confusion on
my part (BTW, I'm still confused...). What I think I meant is that
nobody (to my knowledge) claims that the FTP'able Metrowerks will
work properly under SunOS 5.x (Solaris 2.x?), although it may anyway
for all I know.

The second message follows:

We were in a similiar situation a few months ago. We had to look
for a different compiler for 2 reasons:
  1. The software should also run on DECs (Ultrix)
  2. We will upgrade to Solaris2 real soon now :-)

So we bought the EPC compiler and tried to port.
To make a long story short: We didn't succeed.
Although the responses from the EPC helpdesk were fast
and often helpful we decided to search for another way
because the bugs in their compiler caused us to loose our
confidence in their product.

We now use a Modual-2 to C Translator from Glance.
This works well on SunOS 4.1.3 and Ultrix, and we hope
it will work on Solaris2 too.

We used some Modules from the Sun Modula-2 Library (Filesystem ...)
and these Modules were implemented at extra cost by Glance.

Their address:
Glance AG
Gewerbestrasse 4
CH-8162 Steinmaur

Phone +41 (0)1/853 39 49
Fax +41 (0)1/853 08 09

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