SUMMARY: gnu fax and fax modems

From: E. Mike Durbin (
Date: Sun May 16 1993 - 10:13:23 CDT

My original message:

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Anyone successful in getting fax-3.2.1 working with any fax modems other
that the one described in the source? Specifically, I have a USRobotics
Sportster 14,400 Fax Modem.

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I got three types of replies:

        Me too!
        Try the patch: user/mkb/fax-3.2.2.tar.Z at
        Use flexfax from SGI (ftp from

I got flexfax from SGI. This looks like what I want. It was compiled on
Sun using gnu C++, which I don't have, so I am currently trying to get it
compiled using Sun's C++ (2.1).

FlexFax should support ANY Class 2 modem, and specifically supports:

        Digicom Scout+ 2A19/2931 Class 1
        Hayes Optima 24+Fax96 TR00-J260-001 XXX Class 1
        Nuvo Voyager 96424PFX AF-C2500-E0 Class 1
        Supra v.32bis V1.200-H TR14-Jxxx-001 Class 1
        Twincom 144/DF V1.270 TR14-Jxxx-001 Class 1
        Everexfax 24/96D 911027

        Hayes Optima 24+Fax96 TR00-J260-001 XXX Class 2
        Supra v.32bis V1.200-H TR14-Jxxx-001 Class 2
        Twincom 144/DF V1.270 TR14-Jxxx-001 Class 2
        ZyXEL 1496E U1496E V 5.02 M Class 2
        Abaton Interfax 24/96 Class 2

I also learned that the USRobotics that I have is a Class 1 FAX modem, which
is not very desirable in a UNIX environment.

Thanks for the responses! Sorry the the long delay in replying, but I was
hoping to be able to say: "I got it working!".

Thanks to: -dave fetrow-!jaf Jose A. Fernandez Michael Polo
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