SUMMARY : pop support for mail

From: Philippe Jubelin (philippe@sitar.rti.Hydro.Qc.Ca)
Date: Fri May 14 1993 - 04:19:33 CDT

My original question was about POP3 protocol: What is it and where to find it?
We are running FTP PC/TCP on the PC side with WEUDORA and we need pop deamon
on Sun

Thanks to the following who responded

Ron Russell <>
John Storm <>
Daniel Trinkle <>
Frank Dzaak <>
Benoit Lefebvre <>
Wojtek <>
Ian MacPhedran <>

We got POP server via anonymous ftp from ftp.CC.Berkeley.EDU
(, It is in the pub directory as
a compressed tar file popper-version.tar.Z

We also received some questions about where to find WEUDORA.
we found it via anonymous ftp from
it is in the directory /pc/pc-eudora/windows

Now all is fine ... Thanks all !

                   Philippe Jubelin |
                   Service Automatismes |
                   Hydro-Quebec |
                   Complexe Desjardins |
                   Montreal (Qc) Canada |

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