Re: Academic sites switching to Solaris 2.X: this summer or next?

From: Wolfgang Ratzka (c4080@rphs1)
Date: Thu May 13 1993 - 09:17:24 CDT

Ira Winston ( wrote:

: We are trying to decide whether we should switch to Solaris 2.X
: this summer or next summer. I'd be interested in hearing what
: other academic sites are doing with respect to this decision.
: Please include your decision and the major reasons why you
: made your choice. I'll post a summary.

This Decision is still ahead of us. But maybe I share the discussions
going on here. We have Solaris 2.1 running on a newly installed
Computer pool (11 machines, SPARCclassics --- so no choice) meant for
the use by students, whereas the bulk of our machines (~50 ) run
Solaris 1.X.

The Solaris pool (which was meant to be a test case for the coming BIG
CHANGE ;-) has proven rather unstable (quotas won't work, the server
crashes twice a day, user administration is buggy...). Now we are
waiting, how version 2.2 turns out.

Our timing in switching to 2.X is however determined by another coming
event. The physics department is going to buy another ~40 machines. As
the number of machines is fixed and monetary resources are limited,
most of these have to be SPARCclassics --- again no choice. As we
would hate to live with a heterogenous network, the arrival of these
machines would set an upper limit for the time to switch.

If version 2.2 does not turn out much better than 2.1, the question
will be, whether the 40 new machines still will be SUNs. Our
computing center has recently decided on bying a compute server by
SGI, and SGI is going to announce new low-prized products next month.

This just to show how bad the reputation of Solaris has become here...

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