SUMMARY: Parallel port on SPARC 10

From: Doug Hahn (
Date: Wed May 12 1993 - 11:10:51 CDT

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> Anyone out there know how to configure the parallel port (/dev/bpp0) for
> printing. I have a cable which connects to a Centronics port on a
> parallel printer.

As it turns out, it was very simple to configure it in the printcap file.
Sorry for wasting electrons... However, I've been bit by Sun documentation
(or lack of it, in this case) before! I've included my princap in an
attachment for any interested.

Thanks to those who responded: (Peter Baumann)
Todd Pfaff <> (Steve Lodin)

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# Alps P2000G line printer over bpp line.
lp|alps|Alps P2000G:\

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