Summary -- Appending a tar on an 8mm

From: Joe Murray (
Date: Tue May 11 1993 - 01:37:31 CDT

The general response is that appending with 'uvf' is not possible with an
8mm, 4mm, or 1/4" tape drive. The best way is to write several seperate
tar files and keep track of the number on the tape. The following is an
example of the many responeses:


mt -f /dev/rst8 eom -> position to end of media

tar /dev/nrst8 tar.file -> tar and do not rewind

for the last tar file use,

tar /dev/rst8 tar.file -> tar and rewind

When you need to extract,

mt -f /dev/nrst8 fsf nn -> nn refers to the # of file to skip ahead

tar xvf /dev/rst8

The 'r' option does work (I have not tried it) but I was warned that it is very
slow. The best way is to put multiple tars on a single tape and keep an
accounting of how many records are there.

Note: One person suggested, since we have ~12 tar files pre tape, writing a
script to table each file and write it to a log as a means of keeping an
accounting of the tapes.

Thanks very much to the 30+ respondents.

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