SUMMARY: Exabyte 8mm tape drive weirdness

From: jerry holt (
Date: Tue May 11 1993 - 01:37:21 CDT

First of all, thanks to all those who sent responses:!! (Larry Landwehr)
   Mike Bauer <

Most of the responses suggested that I clean the tape drive. This is
always a good idea, but no help here because I clean the drives
regularly, and had just cleaned them that morning. Other responses
included don't use Sony tapes (I don't); use data grade tapes (I do);
check the cables (I already had); drive worn out (drives are fairly
new); storage location too extreme (it's not).

The one suggestion that I think is pretty close to being the answer
came from Mike Andrews of Videocart, Inc. He suggested "that a bad
tape puts the drive into a condition where it won't read any tape
after it chokes on a bad one." I think this is close to the truth.
Although I can not guarantee it, I believe that the device driver
for the 8mm drive chokes on a bad tape and remains in "blue funk"
mode until: a) the machine is rebooted or b) some time limit has
passed and a good tape is used in the drive.

We have call Sun to see if there is a patch that exists for the
device driver, but have not heard back from them. I will post a
message if one exists.

Again, thanks to all that responded.

Jerry Holt

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