SUMMARY: SparcPrinter problem -- half page printing

From: S. Cowles (
Date: Mon May 10 1993 - 22:36:31 CDT

Thanks to many folks. The original issue was a sparcprinter that was
printing on half of every sheet of paper and not the full sheet. The
answer turned out to be the paper-size magnets on the side of the paper
supply tray. Thanks to the following:

From: "Marc P. Rinfret" <>
From: (Dave Plummer)
From: rr6204 <>
From: Don Jackson <dcj@Clark-Comm.COM>
From: (Jeff Mallory)
From: Christian Lawrence <>
From: (Joel Shandelman)
From: "John W. Cieply" <>
From: Ike Stoddard <>
From: donc@bedford.progress.COM (Don Cunningham)
From: (Michael G. Harrington)
From: John.Purvinis@East.Sun.COM (John Purvinis - SunExpress IR)
From: Bob Beck <>
From: (Terralyn Vandetta)
From: (Kerry Kinnersley)
From: hammond@solarz.Colorado.EDU (Anne Hammond)
From: (Troll)

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