SUMMARY: Problem attaching SCSI disks to Sun 4/280

From: Ian MacPhedran (
Date: Mon May 10 1993 - 20:19:42 CDT

I received three replies to my request for help with SCSI drives on
the Sun 4/280.

Two suggested it may be a problem with termination, and one stated:
"Try putting the SCSI controller in slot 7..."

We have tried various combinations of termination with no success.
We will pursue the latter suggestion, but we have not had the chance to
take this machine down yet to try this.

Thanks to: (Robert M. Kuhn) (Barnes William) (James Terry)

for their help in this problem.

Recap of problem:
>We are having problems attaching SCSI disk drives to a Sun 4/280 computer.
>The configuration is:
> Sun 4/280 running SunOS 4.1.2
> 2 Xylogics 450/451 SMD Controllers
> 4 Hitachi DK815-10 disks
> Sun's VMEbus SCSI adaptor (sorry I don't know the model/part number)
> Exabyte 8200 tape drive (which uses the same SCSI adaptor with no problems)
>We are trying to attach SCSI disk drives (such as Fujitsu M2266S-512 and
>Fujitsu M2654SA drives) to this system, but we get several SCSI errors.
>si0: si_arb_sel: scsi bus continuously busy
>si0: resetting scsi bus

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