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Date: Fri May 07 1993 - 14:05:18 CDT

My original questions were :

1) Has anyone got any insight into a developer/beta copy of PC-NFS for NT or
        patches to make it work ?
2) Has anyone already done this comparison ?
3) Is NT still going to port to Sun ?

Jim Dugan said he saw a working copy of PC-NFS for NT at the Interop trade show
in D.C. a few months ago. He suggested talking to Microsoft Dev. Rel.

John Howie responded with a file which can be found in ~ftp/pub/pc/win3/nt on : 930306 A port of the SOSS NFS server program to NT
iunzip.exe 930219 NT Unzip for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build) 930219 NT Zip for i386+ processors (Feb 1993 build)

The answer from SunSelect's Market Development Manager -Dave Rosenlund was :

Thank you for your interest in PC-NFS for Windows NT.

In response to your inquiry I am forwarding an "Early Access Questionaire,"
a copy of the joint, Microsof/SunSelect press release from early February,
and some common questions & answers on this topic. These should answer most
of your questions about PC-NFS and Windows NT.

Please note that we are still in the early phases of our development of
this product and we have not made any public statements about pricing.
Early availability is expected in late Q2 CY'93 and product quality soft-
ware in late Q3. Both dates are subject to change and heavily influenced
by Microsoft's schedule changes (if any).

Thank you for your interest and please stay tuned. If you are interested
in participating in our early-access program please be sure to complete
the attached form/questionaire.

                -Dave Rosenlund
                 Market Development Manager
                 SunSelect, A Sun Microsystems Business

Please return to: Dave Rosenlund
                         Market Development Manager
                         SunSelect, A Sun Microsystems Business
                         email: dave.rosenlund@East.Sun.COM
                           fax: 508-250-5070


 Phone Number:
   FAX Number:

Email Address:

0.) Please give a brief summary of how your organization would use
    PC-NFS for Windows NT:

1.) Are you a PC (PC and/or Mac) application software developer?

    If "no" please skip to question 5.
    If "yes" please check those that apply:
    We develop software for the following platforms (please check
    all that apply to your company/organization):
        Windows 3.x [ ]
        Windows for Workgroups [ ]
        Windows NT [ ]
        DOS [ ]
        Mac [ ]
        Other (please explain):

2.) Are you a UNIX application software developer as well?

    If "yes" please check those that apply:
            SunOS/Solaris [ ]
            HP/UX [ ]
            AIX [ ]
            Ultrix [ ]
            UnixWare [ ]
        Other (please explain):

3.) Would you clasify your application(s) architecture as:

        Network Aware (but not client-server) [ ]
        Client/Server [ ]
        Standalone (no network architecture) [ ] <--- skip to question
                                                            5 if you check
                                                               this box
4.) Please describe your "network" application briefly?

5.) In general do you plan to deploy NT as (check any that apply):

                                        1992 1993
        Pilot System/Program [ ] [ ]
        Production Desktop Systems [ ] [ ]
        Production Server Systems [ ] [ ]
        Both DeskTop & Server [ ] [ ]
         Prodcution Systems
        Replacement System [ ] [ ] <-- please specify
        ( i.e. are you replacing ) system(s) NT
        ( an existing environment ) will replace
6.) How many NT systems will you purchase in:

        1992? 1993? 1994?

7.) Of those how many will require PC-NFS functionality?

        1992? 1993? 1994?
8.) Please list the applications, category & "brand", that you will use
    on the NT platform:
            Category Brand(s)
 e.g. spreadsheet 1-2-3 & quatro pro


Thanks to :
"Jon Mellott" <> (Jim Dugan)
Dave.Rosenlund@East.Sun.COM (Dave Rosenlund)
John Howie <>
"Jon Mellott" <>

Will update if I get more info,


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