SUMMARY: Who is vendor of BUDTOOLS?

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Date: Fri May 07 1993 - 11:58:36 CDT

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> There is a software package out there called BUDTOOLS, which
> backs up unix boxes. Does anyone know who the vendor is and
> what their phone number/address is?

Thanks to the seemingly millions of folks who answered this question.
Summary of replies follows.

>From Jim Wills, Network Analyst at Delta Microsystems:

We sell BudTool through Peripheral Device Corp. Please give us a call so we can inform you of the nearest PDC rep. Or You can email me and I can give you this information.

The address is:

Delta Microsystems, Inc.
111-c Lindbergh Ave.
Livermore, Ca. 94550

Voice (510)-449-6881
Fax (510) 449-6885
>From Dean Mondelblatt at Peripheral Devices:

Budtool is distributed by Peripheral Devices Corp. Our corporate phone
number is (215) 640-0446 and we have several district offices.
As you had mentioned, Budtool can backup UNIX systems.
Please give us a call, we would be glad to help you.
>From Gary Riseborough at Australian Oceanographic Data Centre:


According to a SunWorld I have lying around -

BudTool is written by Delta Microsystems, Inc
and their national distributer is
Peripheral Devices Corporation
Phone Numbers (From the ad) for the distributer follow :

California 415 449-3113
Florida 407 750-4606
Illinois 708 894-9050
Massachusetts 508 359-2423
New Jersey 201 521-5442
New York City 212 982-3100
Pennsylvania 215 640-0446
Texas 713 784-4884
Canada 506 387-4202

>From Joseph P. DeCello at Michigan State University:

It's Delta Microsystems in California. I am running 2 copies of
Budtool now, one on a sparc2, the other on a sparc1. The ss2
is using a SUN 5GB Exabyte, and the other a 3rd party 2.3GB one.
There latest version runs quite smoothly. I had several problem
while trying to use a sun3 as the media (tape server). I also
experience a couple lockup problems on the ss1, until I upgraded
to BudTool 4.0.3c and SunOS 4.1.3, which was working fine on the
other (ss2) system. Since the, not a glitch. You can get a 30
day demo that has nearly full functionality (can only write 60MB).

I am at home, so I don't have the number handy, but it's in the 510
area code in California. Although I haven't used this software
with a jukebox or other multi-tape sub-system, I expect it would
work quite well since most of the minor problems I have had are due
to the fact that the software is geared toward them.

Good luck,
>From Bill Barnes

That is from Delta Microsystems. They also make many versions of 8mm Tape backup systems, from 2Gig 8mm to 100 Tape 8mm Juke boxes. We have used Delta Micro disk drives and tape drives for years with great results. The company responds quickly to problems and works with you to resolve any bugs (or what other vendors would call undocumented features).
>From Craig

..Take a look at thier Freeze Frame. It allows you to do "online" dumps
of file systems !

Good Luck

The April 1993 UNIXWORLD magazine has a article on page 99 "Back-up
Software Market Heats Up" which evaluates a number of backup software
including BudTool, Delta Microsystems inc.
                        111C Lindbergh Ave.
                        Livermore, CA 94550
                        (510) 449-6881

You may want to read the article before you purchase the product.
>From Dave:

You won't like it, though......

At least, not after looking at Legato Networker.

(My own comments are that we are using Legato Networker now, and are
having some problems with multi-platform backups. That's why we want
to use a different backup strategy....Doris.
>From Russ Poffenberger at Schlumberger Technologies ATE:

We use budtool here. It is sold by Delta Microsystems (they also sell
Exabyte, DAT drives and stackers and jukeboxes). It is pretty nice, has a
couple quirks. It ain't cheap though.
>From Mike D. Kail at Control Data Systems, Inc.:

I don't know the BUDTOOL vendor, but I _do_ have an alternative
for you. It is one of our very own products: BackupPlus, which
will be replacing AWBUS (Automated WorkStation BackUP). BackupPlus
is scheduled to release around April 15th.

If you need any more info, please send e-mail and I will hook
you up with one of our marketing people.

NOTE: the following statement(s) are my own opinion and do
not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

Also, from what I've heard about BUDTOOL is that it is just
a wrapper around tar/etc...and also "shuts" you out from using
them in the regular manner. Perhaps this has been changed in
a later release, but then again, maybe not.


+---------------------------------------------------------------+ | Mike D. Kail | | Control Data Systems, Inc. | | 4201 North Lexington Avenue (612) 482-2942 (W) | | Arden Hills, MN 55126 (612) 628-9132 (H) | +---------------------------------------------------------------+ | "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." | | - Ralph Waldo Emerson | +---------------------------------------------------------------+ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- >From Jim Wilson at Highland Digital:

Highland Digital is a reseller of Budtool and I would be happy to discuss the options available for network back-up. Please contact me at (415)493-8550.

Best Regards Jim Wilson ----------------------------------------------------------------------- >From Robert Holder at USGS Center for Coastal Geology:

...the area code may actually be (415)... they can't seem to get it right in their documentation...

we've been using the SS-2/5000T 5Gb drives (also from delta micro) with the budtool software for automated backups for about a year now, and while i have some complaints about the software, they have been very responsive, providing support through email and overall, i feel the product has come through for us. it performs unattended automatically prescheduled dumps as advertised and i have restored stuff from the tapes made this way successfully.

one drawback from a security standpoint is that all of the hosts to be backed up must have the Media Server hostname (the machine with the tape drives running budtool) in their /.rhosts file, trusting the Media Server. my understanding of unix is that this is something to be avoided if possible. since delta micro chose to use rdump instead of an rpc based daemon/client implementation, it is required that the entries be made in the /.rhosts files...

let me know if you have any specific questions i can help you with. also, if you are in the tampa bay area, i'll be glad to show you our setup.

robert holder unix system manager usgs center for coastal geology st. pete, fl ----------------------------------------------------------------------- >From octela!sherman!jfd

...We just bought budtools and the 116 tape library, which seems to work. Doesn't do user restores like we need, but no one does.

cheers, jfd --------------------------------------------------------------------- >From Bill Hunter at Access Graphics:

BudTool is a sophisticated yet easy to use package which automates backup operations for heterogenous UNIX networks. It is available on the Sun Catalyst CDWare #4. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

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