SUMMARY: Remote Monitor/Keyboard

From: Kevin McElearney (
Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 17:08:50 CDT

Unfortunately no one had an answer for me. Apparently there is no way to run
Sun color video over fiber. Can anyone tell me of a vendor which sells sound
proofing for computer hardware? Maybe a ventilated sound box which holds CPU's
and peripherals?

Original query:
> We have several groups with the need to place all of their computer equipment
> into central locations and run monitor and keyboards from remote locations.
> Reasons for this vary from voice recognition equipment which is very sensitive
> to machine fan/disk drive noise, to groups which have only hot and noisy Sun
> 300 series machines and would like to run them from their office I am aware of
> running the standard monitor/keyboard extensions but, we would like to reuse
> existing wire schemes to resolve this dilemma. To each desktop we have or can
> install the following wire:

> 2 multi mode fiber (62 micron)
> 2 single mode filer (8 micron)
> 1 category 5 TP (4 pair)
> 1 category 3 TP (4 pair)

> Is there any hardware which will accommodate this breakout?

> PS I am aware of using long coax, X terminals, dumb terminals
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