SUMMARY: LS won't work; wrong characters in OW3

From: Mark S. Anderson (
Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 06:07:47 CDT

Problem is solved. Stop those cards and letters!

I haven't received any replies yet - so this is not really a summary.

I managed to bring my whole system down. The problem seemed to be
limited to my server, not the dataless clients (the only clients we have).
I tried rebooting. No good. I tried restoring the OPENWINHOME stuff from
backup. That didn't work. I restored the /usr filesystem and rebooted;
that didn't work either. I decided to restore the root filesystem (that's
where ls lives, right?). Then I rebooted. That is when I got:

chF"a|'-||BD(%C3F != 83F9D527, trying to boot anyway
Bus Error at Virtual address 0x00300000 (Physical address 0x01DEE000)
with PC 0x00214654. Page table entry is marked INVALID. Type 0

Did I trash the boot block or something?

I'm back up now -- I reinstalled the OS, and then restored / and /usr from
backups. But after restoring /, I ran installboot(8S) just to be safe. Did
I really need to?

Mark Anderson
The MITRE Corporation
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>I have two symptoms - don't know if they are related.
>1. My ls command does not return anything. Nothing. I can login alright, so I
>think the files are there. I can cd to any directory, but I get the same
>result. No files are listed, and the prompt comes back right away.
>2. When I run OW3 (4/370. 4.1.1), it starts normally except for one thing:
>all of the characters are wrong! I guess that the characters are mapped
>Both of these problems occurred without any warning or signal that they
>occurred. I was listing a directory. And when I tried to list it again,
>that's when I noticed that there was no output from it.
>Maybe the most significant clue: there was/is a thunderstorm going on
>outside. I may have been zapped.
>What suggestions do any of you have?
>Running a 4/370, 4.1.1, OW3.

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