SUMMARY: Turning off le0

From: Mike Steadman (
Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 02:39:33 CDT

Apologies for the late summary.

I had installed an SBus FDDI card in an IPC and needed to shut off the
ethernet port. Needless to say, the installation instructions didn't
explain how to do this, merely assuming you would be routing and subnetting.
I had tried removing hostname.le0 but got error messages during the boot.
This was because the Network Peripherals FDDI card uses hostname.sbf0, so
the name won't get found by hostname.??0 in /etc/rc.boot.

90% of the responses were essentialy the same and require a minor edit to
/etc/rc.boot. The most annoying thing is that I could have figured it out
if I hadn't been rushed to get it running at all; luckily for me this list

Here is the relevant block from rc.boot:

# Set hostname from /etc/hostname.xx0 file, if none exists no harm done
hostname="`shcat /etc/hostname.??0 2>/dev/null`"
if [ ! -f /etc/.UNCONFIGURED -a ! -z "$hostname" -a "$hostname" != "noname" ]; then
        hostname $hostname

You can either create a hostname.xx0 file containing the same name as
hostname.sbf0, or edit like this:
hostname="`shcat /etc/hostname.sbf0 2>/dev/null`"
hostname="`shcat /etc/hostname.*0 2>/dev/null`"

I used the first because I wanted to be sure which interface it got the name
from. Another option is just to change the line to:
hostname="the_right_hostname" and hardcode it that way.

Steven M Rezsutek sent me a hack he made to rc.boot that allows you to
create ifconfig-options.<interface> files that the boot script reads.
He hasn't tried it with diskless machines, and I didn't to use it, but I'm
keeping a copy in case anyone else needs it.


Thanks to: Angela Marie Thomas
Peter Shipley <uunet!tfs.COM!shipley>
uunet!cats.UCSC.EDU!philb Eckhard Rueggeberg Arie Bikker Daniel Trinkle
uunet!!shandelm Joel Shandelman Jeff Mallory
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